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When you are buying a new home

You are likely to be filled with a number of emotions; excitement, fear, and anticipation are all normal and to be expected. However, by hiring an experienced local buyer’s specialist you can reduce or eliminate those fears and nerves. The first step to buying a new home in any market is to educate yourself. Here is what you can expect from the home buying experience when you align yourself with us.

First-Time Buyers

We couldn’t be more excited for you that you are finally achieving the American dream by buying your first home. If you are like most first time homebuyers, you are probably filled with a great deal of excitement, as well as, questions. We want you to know that despite any reservations, fears, or anxiety that you may be feeling at this time we will be there to protect you and serve your best interests every step of the way throughout this process. That is why we have prepared our Plainfield First-time Homebuyers Bible for you, in hopes that we can lay a strong foundation to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you as you. In addition to the Plainfield First-time Homebuyers Bible, we are honored to serve you personally, answer any and all questions you may have, and supply you with every resource necessary to make sure that you are thrilled with the end result. To get started, please contact us so that we can get to know what you were looking for in your Plainfield home and get to work to get you moved in.

Getting Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage

Unless you will be purchasing your home with all cash, you are going to need to obtain a mortgage for your Plainfield home. If you are like most people, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal on the term, and rates of your mortgage. Not to worry because we understand that every situation is unique requiring a unique solution to deliver the best possible results. Through our experience and extensive network, we have assembled a list of the top mortgage brokers for buyers in every stage. When you hire us to help you purchase your Plainfield home, we will align you with the best local mortgage broker to suit your needs and serve you throughout the entire process.

Finding Your Perfect Home In Plainfield

Although it is possible to accidentally stumble upon your ideal home in Plainfield, it is far more likely that there will need to be some work done ahead of time. After you have gotten pre-approved for your mortgage, it is important to sit down with a member of our team to establish a list of wants and needs for your new home. Here is a list of the most common priorities to take into consideration:

● Price point
● New construction vs. pre-existing
● HOAs and condo associations
● Amenities
● Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
● Square footage
● Yard and yard size
● Location
● Schools

Once we have a clear picture of what it will take to exceed your expectations with your new home, your chosen buyer specialist will get to work to find it for you. Through our MLS access and exclusive network of unlisted properties, we will exhaust every resource to save you time and money on your perfect home.

Our work does not stop there though. After your offer has been accepted, we will coordinate all of the necessary vendors, appointments, and legal paperwork to ensure that this experience is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. We will be right there alongside you from the contract to the closing and beyond so that you never have to worry about making costly mistakes.

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