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Your Guide To The Perfect Snow day In Plainfield

Your Guide To The Perfect Snow day In Plainfield

If you ask your children, they will tell you one of the best things about spending the winter here in Plainfield is the snow days. The perfect snow day in Plainfield. Waking up to fresh powder on the ground and the news that there will be no school for the day is a thrill for every child. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend these special days with your kids, you may sometimes find yourself looking for ways to use them as an excuse for some quality time. Here are some tips to get your kids to put down their electronics and make the best of a snow day in Plainfield the old-fashioned way.

The Perfect Snow Day in Winter- Sledding In The Parks

You are never too old to get a kick out of plopping yourself down into a saucer or hopping on a toboggan for a cruise down a hill of fresh snow! Kids of all ages will have a blast if you take them out to one of the amazing parks that we have here in Plainfield! Among those that have the best hills for sledding are Norman Greenway Park and Grande Park.

What Plainfield Residents Say About The Parks

“A park for everyone, and a great reason to move to this area!!! They have hills for sledding, fields for LaCrosse, football, baseball, soccer, four playgrounds, pool, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, BBQs – on and on!!! Oh yes, hiking, walking, biking trails, too!!” – Sue T.

Ice Skating At Rocket Ice Rink

If you aren’t interested in sledding, why not grab the kiddos and head over to the Rocket Ice Rink to try some ice skating?! The rink is perfect for skaters of every skill level, is expertly maintained, and offers a delightful staff. This is also a great way to get the kids out of the house on the weekends or enjoy a little quality time with your spouse.

What Plainfield Residents Say About The Rink

“I’ve been coming to Rocket Ice Arena now for the past 5 yrs to not only skate myself but especially to bring my son to skate at the stick & puck rocket offers. The facility is great, clean and the staff is very friendly. All around great experience when skating there.” – Michael H.

Warm Up With Some Hot Chocolate

After a day of playing outside in the snow or on the ice, you will be more than ready for a sweet treat to warm you up. When those chocolate cravings kick-in, head over to Krema Coffee House here in Plainfield. They serve a scrumptious variety of house-brewed coffees, teas, pastries, craft toasts and of course, hot chocolate!

What The People Of Plainfield Say About Krema Coffee House

“What a wonderful find. Rolling through town I stumbled on an absolute gem. Coffee roasters in house. Homemade bread, pesto and much more. I got the Krema Club (ham not turkey) and the Mrs. got the Tomazzo. Both were delicious. Friendly, attentive staff.” – WK Bush

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Snow Days In Plainfield?

Do you have any special way that you like to enjoy your snow days as a family? Is there a particular hill where you love to go sledding or do you have a tip about how to build the perfect snowman? Please comment below and share your thoughts on how to have the perfect snow day in Plainfield.

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