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2020 Move Challenge

Hi my name is Chad Haug. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life that encourage/”move” me daily. I am very passionate about my business, my family, friends and people I have the opportunity to do life with. My family owned C Edwards Real Estate Brokerage in Plainfield IL is all about helping people find their way from where they are to where they want to be. Our Passion is Helping People, and Helping People Succeed in Real Estate! I absolutely Love what I do!
But this 2020 Move Challenge is not a pitch to help you buy or sell a home, it is about encouraging each other to take small “moves” towards a healthier you.
3 Steps for 2020 Move Challenge
1. 30 minutes or more of Exercise 20 times a month (5 days each week)
Why is this relevant? According to CDC statistics 77% of Americans are not getting enough exercise. So in this year for me, I am committed to taking a 30 minute brisk walk each day either outside or on treadmill at home.(No Gym membership required) CDC Recommendations for exercise
2. Drink at least 20oz of additional water each day. Drinking 20 Extra Ounces of Pure Water Beyond what you normally drink.
Why is this relevant? 75 Percent of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated. A survey of 3,003 Americans found that 75 percent of Americans are likely had a net fluid loss, resulting in chronic dehydration. Advices on how much water you should drink per day
I know I need to do better with my daily water intake and since water is crucially essential for our bodies this small change can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellness. Interesting Fact: Experts say that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. So don’t need to wait until you are thirsty to replenish your body’s hydration with some Good H2O!
3. Make 1 small daily change toward better health – One of my daily dietary goals this year is to make better food choices and trying to cook healthy recipe instead of eating out. Can be as simple as incorporating an extra serving of fruit or vegetable during each day and that can deliver positive results over time. You don’t always have to make such drastic changes in order to improve your overall health and wellness. Small daily changes make the biggest improvements. Not every change you make to live a healthier lifestyle has to be drastic. Many people go overboard and cut out all their carbs or go from never running to training for a marathon. The problem? Most realize how difficult such a drastic change can be and bail on their goal.
How Long does it take for a Behavior to become automatic? The answer may surprise you. answers how long does it take to form a habit
It’s better to take baby steps on your quest to build a healthier, stronger version of yourself. Pick one or two of the changes and focus on those. Once you’re comfortable with the changes you made, pick up a few more. Some of beneficial tips will help you keep your portion sizes reasonable, while others will help you add nutrients or adapt to something new. Together, they’ll have a big impact on making your overall eating habits healthier and more sustainable, without a huge change in your habits. These small changes can be other healthy “moves” like spending 30 minutes less on technology/social media in exchange for time reading, getting a little more sleep or spending more quality time with loved ones.
Take a look at the following link from for a comprehensive list of small changes which can turn into Big Improvements in your life.
Tip #48 below states that reading a book stimulates your mind, promotes physical health more than you know.
Small changes can result in Big Benefits
Would love others to join in to share recipes, share your health, wellness and fitness tips, and share your successes as well as challenges to conquer to build a healthier you!
Looking forward to sharing your “Moves” to a Healthier 2020!!